What are the different types of bottle warmers I can choose from?

A large number of parents still prefer to traditionally warm the breast milk or formula milk in a pan of warm water, despite this method being time-consuming and inaccurate.

However, the issue with this practice other than the time constraint is that if it gets too hot, you’ll have to cool it down to room temperature before you feed your baby. Moreover, it is too time consuming and tedious especially when your baby is crying loud enough to knock the living daylights out of you.

Owing to the inconveniences mentioned above, a good bottle warmer is a new parent’s best friend when feeding a baby.

The best bottle warmer does the job of heating the baby milk at the right temperature within a short time frame. This makes the whole process convenient and a lot less time-consuming. You will not have to risk burning your child’s mouth going the traditional route.

Bottle warmers have become the latest trend as parents compare the best baby bottle warmer before purchasing it.

Let us quickly look at the different types of bottle warmers available so that it’s easier for you to decide the best bottle warmer for breast milk and formula milk.

Types of bottle warmers

Hot water and steam 

The primary difference between bottle warmers is what it uses for heating the milk. Two options are steam and water.

Steam gets the job done a lot faster. However, this also means that you may end up overheating and burning your baby’s mouth if you’re not careful.

Water baths have gentle heating, but they take time to perform their job. The only issue with going with water is the time constraint. Otherwise, this is perfect for your baby.

Electric and Non-electric

Most of the bottle warmers are electric and come with plug-in convenience.. They may use steam or hot water to heat your milk,

A non-electric bottle warmer relies on battery power to keep the baby milk warm. This can be utilised on the go.

Travel and car bottle warmers 

Some non-electric bottle warmers have been curated for travel. This makes it convenient as you can easily travel with it.

Some of these are insulated or use plug-ins like mentioned above. Some others make use of an adaptor to plug directly into a car’s DC connector.

These bottle warmers are smaller in size to make them easily portable. Additionally, they do not operate on the water, so this saves you an accidental spill.

Combined warmers 

Some warmers are designed to heat both baby food jars and milk bottles.

It requires some extra effort to keep them clean. However, they are worth it and come with a removable tray to make your life easier. Additionally, some of these warmers have space for heating two bottles at the same time. This is great for twins and makes it a good investment.

Final thoughts

There are various reputed brands to choose from in the market when picking the best bottle warmer for your baby.

Also keep in mind, if you are storing breast milk then you will need to really be careful while handling, managing and feeding stored breast milk to your child. To know more about how to store and warm breast milk, there are some very detailed tips mentioned on ParentingNmore.

We hope this article helps you find the right bottle warmer to suit you and your child’s requirements. We have tried to make your task less challenging as you now know about the different types of bottle warmers available in the market.