Essential Tips When It Comes To Moving With Dog

You probably did not know that almost 85 million families in the USA own a pet, and therefore, it is not a surprise to see a pet moving with a family. In case you have never moved with a pet before, you probably should understand a few things before you start doing it.

It is problematic because you will experience stress; your favorite family member will be excited and stressed due to things that will happen.

It is important to read a few guides that will help you understand simple tips for moving with a pet because that way you will prepare yourself for everything that may happen.

The first thing that you should do is to talk with your veterinarian about the move to see if your dog is healthy enough.

Apart from that, most vets already have valuable information that will help you with the relocation process such as polices and requirements about vaccination in a new state that you wish to move, and other things that may help you along the way.

In case your pet has to take certain medications, you should ask to get an appropriate amount of meds for the journey as well as for the first few weeks inside your new home.

You can also ask for a recommendation for a care provider at a new location, but it is better to avoid running out of medicine, especially if it is essential before you settle.

You should also get all the paperwork that you should take to a new state and bring to a new vet that you decide to choose. They can also fax or email records to a vet in your new place, but it is also vital to have copies by your side.

Should You Sedate Your Pet?

In some cases, owners decide to sedate their pets during the process of moving so that they can remain calm. You should also ask your vet whether your dog is healthy enough for sedation and what that may bring in the future.

If your pet is healthy enough, the best thing that you can find is oral tranquilizer, and you should give it at least a few hours before the trip, and during as well.

However, you have to consider a few factors when applying tranquilizer such as age, weight, and breed because that will determine the dosage and frequency you should use.

If you are not comfortable with this particular idea, or your pet does not have proper health that will handle it, you can use some natural alternatives that will help you.

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Should You Microchip Your Pet Before Moving?

You can also get a microchip for your pet before moving so that you can protect it from escape during the travel process. Since you will be overwhelmed with things that you have to handle in short period, that may happen which is why you should protect yourself against this possibility.

Have in mind that micro-chipping animals are affordable and common, and your vet will insert it in a matter of seconds. Your veterinarian will maintain the chip’s number and give you a copy so that you can alert a new vet and register it after the arrival.

Supplies to Pack

It is vital to prepare the proper supplies and have them always next to you because that will make your trip much more comfortable with your dog. Apart from leashes, water, and food, you should bring these items as well:

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Blankets
  • Favorite Toys
  • Waste disposal items
  • Treats

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Tips That Will Help You Travel With Pets in the Car

1.   Give Them the Sense of Security

We can all agree that moving is one of the most stressful events in human’s life, and it affects your pet the same way. The smartest thing that you can do is to place your dog in a carrier or use some other form of restraint.

At the same time, this is a much safer alternative in case an accident happens. If you have carrier or kennel that your pet loves, you can make that perfect choice.

On the other hand, if you do not have it, we recommend you to purchase it as soon as possible so that you can let it become accustomed to it.

In case that it is new, you should place the favorite blanket or pillow inside as well as some toys that feature familiar scent. Always make sure that you buy a large enough carrier so that your dog can turn around and stand up inside.

Have in mind that during the drive, you should place the carrier on the floor so that nothing can fall on it. At the same time, floor is secure because it will not slide as in other places. You can also use specialized seatbelt attachment and harness so that you can secure your favorite animal.

2.   Offer Them Water and Food

Your dog has to be comfortable along the way, which means that you should stick to a feeding schedule that they usually have. Therefore, you should bring water and food from your home because that will save them from upset stomach due to driving.

Remember that their eating habits will change during the moving and traveling as well as the first few days inside a new home. So bring plenty of food so that you can continuously give him because that will reduce the stress along the way.

3.Plan for Frequent Stops

Even though it seems obvious, we have to mention that you should let your pet stretch their legs and relieve them. Of course, you should plan your own stopping needs, but when you are with dog, you have to do it more frequent than before.

Do not stop at places where you want to leave your pet in the car, because that may be illegal in some states and highly unsafe. This means that you should go to drive-through restaurants, or take your animal outside for a few minutes.