This article provides parents with a glance at six great craft ideas for kids. A group of experienced creatives selected these crafts, and they all have one thing in common – they are straightforward but at the same time very creative and beneficial.

The main idea is that if children have some spare time, they can easily create some fun and creative projects without spending a lot of money. Also, most adults and kids love coloring and painting, which is excellent.

Painting on rocks

One of the most creative ideas for children is painting on smooth rocks. We all know that there are many stones in nature, but not all are suitable for painting. The best are river rocks because they are rough on the outside but smooth on the inside. After that, children need to find a permanent marker and start creating whatever they want by drawing or painting it. As you can imagine, this is very fun because children’s creativity knows no limits.

Decorating vases

If you have an outdoor party, the best idea is to put some flowers in a large glass vase. But why not decorate it creatively? All you need to do is use wooden sticks or toothpicks and colorful yarn, which you can easily find in any craft store. The only thing left to do this tie a knot for each color. It’s a straightforward project, and you can also give this idea to children while spending time with them.


Crocheting is a great activity that combines creativity with some healthy manual activities. Although, it’s good if adults supervise children while they are doing the crocheting work, and it’s elementary to learn, so you can even give this idea to young children. Also, crocheting activities are great if the weather is not very good outside.

Cardboard castle

This type of activity requires much free space because all you need to do is build a giant cardboard castle for dolls or stuffed animals. Just look at the example below, and you will see how easy this is. All kids need to do is to cut out large cardboard pieces and glue them together. Also, they can paint it in any color they want and then use small amounts of yarn for creating flags or scarves on top of the castle.

Balloon popping

This idea may not sound very artistic or creative, but it’s undoubtedly fun for children. All you need to do is inflate few balloons and give them to your children with permanent markers. The kids have to draw different types of figures on the balloons, and after that, they can start popping them in a fun way. Also, you can use this activity as a part of any birthday party.

Flower painting

One of the best activities for children is flower painting. All you need to do is prepare some paint and flowers (or even fresh leaves) and give them to your children with some paper. The only thing left is to wait until they finish their creative work and then hang them on the wall. If you want, you can give them some short coloring lessons first, but it’s not an absolute must.


If your child is looking for some good craft projects, you can find many ideas by exploring the different categories on Birch and Bear. Many craft sets will provide all of the materials needed to create one specific kind of project.