The importance of sport to families

There are well-documented reasons for regular participation in sports, of which the health of the body and wellbeing of mind are just two great examples. The value of sports extends beyond the individual, however, and families can benefit enormously from putting on their training shoes and getting active.

Family time

A quick Google search throws up any number of research reports purporting to show that families are – for one reason or another – spending less time together than ever before. The BBC, for example, quotes teachers as attributing this modern phenomenon to parents working long hours as well as the surge of young people who spend large amounts of time on their mobile phones or other electronic devices. Setting aside a few hours each week to play a sport can be a great way for you to stay connected with your family whilst having fun and keeping fit. Times spent with our parents and siblings are amongst our most cherished memories as we get older and your children will remember these fun times for the rest of their lives.

Great example

Children imitate and learn behaviours from their parents, whether these behaviours are positive or negative. By scheduling family sports time, you are setting your offspring a great example, encouraging them to be active and take regular exercise. Through your approach to a sport, you can also teach your children valuable lessons about teamwork, cooperation and – crucially – setting and achieving targets and goals. These life lessons will guide your children through life and will be more powerful because they are not accompanied by a lecture; instead, they are being taught in an informal, fun environment.

Inexpensive family activities

Whether sports participation is expensive depends largely on the activity you choose; for example, a game such as football is a relatively inexpensive family pastime. If your family plays five-a-side against other families in your street or in a local league, you can buy Discount Football Kits from stockists such as

Football games are also easily organised. If you do not have a formal league in your area, all you need is a park, some temporary nets and willing opponents. As a sport, football appeals to all ages and the whole family can be involved – even toddlers can have a gentle kick-around with mummy and daddy.

There are, of course, lots of sports that are ideally suited to families. Why not explore them today?