Importance of Tooth Eruption Chart For Your Teething Baby

The Growth of the Baby

Every parent is always curious as they watch the development of their baby. Right from the womb, the mother is joyful at every single step of the child’s development. Every parent desire to do everything possible to keep the baby healthy and strong. They ensure to aid the child at all stages of life. One essential step in the development of a baby is the teething stage. Knowing the best way to support the baby at this stage will ensure oral health.

The essence of Oral Health

Keeping healthy gum and teeth is essential not only for the baby but also for everybody. The teeth play a very critical role in the life of any human being. They are the tool that people use to chew food for the body. Thus, taking good care of teeth is also taking care of the entire body. Other than eating food, the teeth also give the mouth a perfect shape and enhance the smile. Thus, it is necessary to know when and how to take care of the baby’s teeth to ensure they function correctly.

Why using the Tooth Eruption Chart can be Helpful?

One way to ensure the child has healthy teeth is by scheduling a routine check-up. It is necessary to have a professional pediatric dentist for your baby. Predicting the teeth eruption time is one of the vital tools in pediatric dentistry. It is a tool that can help in scheduling dental visits and in planning the child’s dental health. Every child has unique dental needs. Timely preventive measures are necessary to ensure perfect health for the child. The teething chart works in two different ways.

The Baby Teeth

Knowing the expected time for eruption of the first baby teeth is helpful. It guides in preparing for the proper oral and health of the baby. Although many people assume that the primary teeth will shed and no need for enhanced care, that is not true. Healthy primary teeth development helps the mouth and jaw to develop well. That prepares them for the healthy development of the permanent teeth. Using the chart can help you detect any possible problem so that you address it in time.

Permanent Teeth

Children are different and develop teeth at different times. Thus, there is a need to keep a teething chart for your child. Studies show that there is a correlation between the eruptions of the teeth. They seem to follow a pattern on the emerging of the first tooth and the permanent tooth. For instance, if the primary tooth took long to erupt, it will delay in falling. The estimated time for most children is six months for the first tooth, but it may delay up to the eighth month. Knowing the relationship will help you to understand the development of the child. It will also help you to detect any need for orthodontic care and treatment. You also need to note that several other factors affect the process of baby teething. That is the eruption of the deciduous and permanent teeth. These factors include genetics, hormones, gender, and nutrition, among others.