Trails Carolina: How Wilderness Therapy Helps Teens

Trails Carolina is an effective wilderness therapy program for teenagers. Its program is designed with teenagers in mind. Ensuring their students are equipped with the skills needed to navigate through life effectively and confidently in the future.

Below, we take a closer look at what you need to know about wilderness therapy and how the methodology continues to benefit teenagers.

How Efficient Is Wilderness Therapy?

Wilderness Therapy is where participants are invited to leave their typical environment and immerse themselves in nature. Immersion into nature is combined with therapy sessions to complete the experience and increase the positive results.

How Does It Work?

This form of therapy is mainly used for treating at-risk teenagers. Environments in the wilderness have helped teenagers solve problems and cope with the challenges they are dealing with. While also helping them bond with other students going through similar situations.

Wilderness Therapy allows teenagers an opportunity to be in an environment that can help them understand life’s challenges and how they can live happier lives. Understanding these challenges helps them figure out solutions with field instructors there to provide help when needed.

As teenagers grab hold of these tools and concepts, it can help them become more confident when handling more of life’s challenges.

Why Does It Work?

Wilderness Therapy provides a two-fold approach through programs and activities. The activities within these programs are designed to promote peace and understanding, which is a significant reason why programs like Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy can provide such positive results.

As students progress through Trails Carolina’s Wilderness Therapy Program, they will find these activities helpful when bonding with others going through similar experiences and helping develop healthy coping mechanisms. Activities like mindfulness and hiking have been found to help students think more clearly when trials come their way.

The Results Seen From Wilderness Therapy

Experiencing successes when overcoming challenges and new experiences in new ways through wilderness therapy has proven to be very beneficial. Some benefits and improvements students and families have seen include:

Increased self-confidence

As students move through the program, their self-esteem and confidence will likely grow with each challenge they face and overcome (such as hiking and other activities offered within wilderness therapy).

Reduction in anxiety and negative emotions

Going into new experiences can cause some nervousness, and these feelings are normal. However, students have professional therapists and staff available for any overwhelming feelings and will do their best to help each student individually with whatever care each student needs.

Students can develop tools that help them face the unknown with fewer reservations and more confidence. The increased feelings of security as they go through the program can help reduce anxiety and negative emotions that can come with change.

Improved coping skills, personal development habits, and sense of responsibility

One of the most critical components of wilderness therapy programs are learning outdoor skills. Consequently, students learn about their environment and improve their problem-solving skills.

What To Look For In A Therapy Program

It is important to remember that in therapy and mental health treatment, one size rarely fits all. Therefore, all programs are created with students’ needs in mind.

When looking for a therapy program, it is essential to consider the following:

Success Rate

Successful wilderness programs have proven their worth and efficacy over time, often having statistics showing the results of their programs. Additionally, results that benefit students for a more extended period are better.

Program Variety

The best programs have various options, as not all students have the same learning style, fit in the same age group, or have the same challenges. Find a program with tailor-made groups for different students so you can rest assured that your teenager will be helped in the best way possible for their specific needs.

Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy offers multiple programs that fit each student’s needs.

Why Trails Carolina?

Trails Carolina is a leading wilderness therapy program for students. Students who graduate from their programs have positive reviews, and parents have also said how beneficial the program is for their teens.

These are just some of the reasons Trails Carolina is a good option for choosing a wilderness program. The programs they offer are designed, so their students can carry what they learned with them when they graduate and go home to help them live more meaningful, fulfilled lives.