Christmas Gift Ideas For The Kids’ Rooms

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Cute little child girl is decorating the Christmas tree indoors.

Room to Grow have been creating dreamy children’s bedrooms since 1996. From single beds to bunk beds and everything in between. Here are some Christmas gift ideas for the children’s room.

If you have little ones looking forward to Christmas and a visit from Santa this year, then why not consider new bedroom furniture for their presents from Mum and Dad? Giving the kids’ rooms a makeover is easy when you can shop online. No more dragging round the showrooms with the kids in tow getting more bored by the minute. No more arguments about style and sartorial elegance versus the coolest type of bed a child could possibly want. You can do window shopping online in the evenings in the run up to Christmas and order a whole new look for your child’s bedroom. You don’t have to get the decorating done until after Christmas, just knowing that a brilliant new bedroom is on the way will be enough to keep the kids happy, especially when they’re already overwhelmed with what Santa has brought.

If you’ve already bought the furniture your kids need for the next couple of years, why not give the bedroom a revamp with some new accessories this Christmas. What about a beanbag for your child to sit on while reading or chilling out? Modern beanbags aren’t just a big round ball full of beans – they come in all sorts of cool shapes and colours. You can get absolutely huge ones that are more

like a sofa, you can get armchair shaped bean bags, easy chair shaped ones and even a bean bag with a table top on. Some of the new bean bags that you see are covered in a waterproof fabric so they can be used indoors or outdoors (great for when the child spills drinks too).

You could give your child’s bedroom a whole new look just by getting some new bedding. There are some great looking duvet sets available in a range of colours and designs. A new set of bedding can totally change the look of a room without having to resort to a paint brush. For a real touch of class, why not buy a quilt – nowadays quilts are bang up to date and come in a range of colours and designs so you’re sure to find something that your little one will love. Add a few new funky cushions and the bedroom will look great.

Another great way of giving your child’s room a mini makeover for Christmas is to buy your little one a cool new toy store. The traditional toy box has had a modern makeover and is now available as a toy box, a toy bag or a toy basket. There are lots of brilliant designs in a variety of colours and patterns so getting something that will wow your little one should be fairly easy. Okay, a new toy storage solution may not change the entire look of the room, but you’ll be surprised at how much tidier the room will be when your child starts stashing the toys away for a change.

For a final touch – why not add a string of fabric bunting – above the bed, above the window – in fact, wherever it looks best. Fabric bunting is a popular choice when decorating kids’ rooms nowadays, a really fun way of adding some fun and colour.