The Hidden Benefits of Memory Care Therapy

If you have a loved one who is dealing with dementia or memory loss, you’ve likely considered a senior living facility. This can be a hard decision for a family to make—it’s tough to move a loved one out of their home and into a care facility, even when the transition is necessary. Many people do wrestle with this decision and wonder whether they’ve made the right choice.

But memory care facilities offer more than just medical staff to help with your loved one’s physical needs. Did you know the therapy provided by these facilities can actually help improve your loved one’s memory and keep them with you longer?

What is Memory Care Therapy?

The cognitive therapy that makes up memory care is a way of helping an aging person suffering from dementia strengthen and hopefully retain their memory. It’s a person centered treatment—the therapist begins by learning about the facts and history of the subject in order to tailor the therapy to them specifically. Therapists then tap into procedural or routine memory by building daily schedules that include things like responsibilities and favorite hobbies and allow seniors not only to feel a sense of order and predictability but to enjoy their lives as well.

Memory Care Therapy in Denver

Colorado Assisted Living features both Centennial and Littleton locations, and in both places, seniors thrive. “Her dignity was always maintained and her life was as comfortable as possible during her stay at Colorado Assisted Living,” said one client of a loved one who resided in the facility. In the warm and caring family environment of Colorado Assisted Living facilities, seniors are treated with dignity and respect and memory care services are provided, so they are able to continue their lives in relative comfort.

Look into memory care options at the assisted living facility of your choice.