Why You Should Consider Swaddling Your Baby, According to CozeeCoo

Some people have never considered swaddling their baby, believing that it is too restrictive and something they would rather avoid. Others feel their baby will get too hot and will not be able to sleep while wrapped tightly in a blanket. But swaddling is something that women have been doing for thousands of years, and there are many good reasons for doing so. The good news is that you don’t even have to use a blanket, with revolutionary ready to use wearable baby hug available from companies such as CozeeCoo.

Benefits of Swaddling a Baby

Babies actually like to be swaddled. It makes them feel secure, and especially in the early days of life, it can be comforting as it resembles the feeling of being in the womb. Swaddling typically helps babies to sleep better. Moreover, because it prevents rolling, it reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which has been associated with tummy sleeping.

Babies have what is known as Mono (startle) reflex. It causes them to feel as though they are falling, and it can wake them from their sleep. You can recognize this if you see your baby suddenly throwing their arms and legs outwards and head backwards. This is usually followed by crying. Babies who are swaddled tend not to do this as much, which can help them to sleep for longer.

Swaddling also helps to stop babies from scratching themselves when they are sleeping. This is a common reason why babies wake up from their sleep before they are due to be fed. For babies with a skin condition such as eczema, swaddling is the perfect way to prevent them from scratching itchy skin. A ready-to-use swaddle sack is ideal for preventing babies from scratching their face. Made to keep arms secure while allowing for freedom to move the legs, these sacks are less restrictive than traditional swaddling options.

How to Swaddle a Baby

If you are attempting to swaddle your baby with a blanket, you should know that there is a technique to getting it right. With a newborn it is easier as they tend not to wriggle about, but when a baby is older then a swaddle sack is quick and easy to use.

To swaddle with a blanket, you need to spread the blanket out on a flat surface. Arrange it so that one point is facing you (it should basically resemble a diamond shape).

Fold the top half of the blanket towards you until the top point is lying directly over the bottom point. You should then have a blanket that is in the shape of an upside-down triangle. Place your baby on the blanket with their head just above the fold at the top of the blanket. Their feet should be at the bottom point.

Put either your baby’s right or left arm next to their body and then fold that side of the blanket across their body, tucking it underneath them. The opposite arm should be free at this point. Next, fold the bottom of the blanket up and if you have enough free blanket, tuck it over your baby’s shoulder. Alternatively, tuck it underneath the fold you have already made across their body.

Lastly, place your baby’s free arm by their side and pull the other fold across their body and around their back. Then you can place them in their crib on their back to sleep.

Be careful not to wrap the blanket too tight though, and stop swaddling once your baby can roll over on to their tummy.