Montessori Triangles: Keeping Your Child Active

According to Montessori’s philosophy, a child is born as an independent person with great potential. He is initially ready to learn and develop himself. The adult’s task is to create an environment that helps his abilities to open up. The atmosphere in which the baby lives must be adapted according to his interests and level of development. Therefore, it is imperative to find the best furniture and decor items in the room.

Part of the necessary accessories in the nursery is montessori triangles children’s complex. It is a compact, versatile sports, and development area for the little ones. Playing and exercising on the complex contribute to developing the baby’s motor skills and talent and strengthening the muscle corset. Along with the development of physical properties, exercises on the triangle teach the child to understand his body, feel it in space, and develop a sense of balance.

Play area in the nursery, according to Montessori

When planning a nursery, it is essential to set aside a play area where kids can play freely. Most frequently, it is placed in the center of the room. A small bright carpet will help to separate the play area. When the child grows up, you can set an easel and a table with a chair in the room of creativity and play.

One of the principal rules for decorating a nursery, according to Montessori, is the use of only natural materials. Furniture, in this case, is chosen exclusively from wood, for example, from plywood from alder, coniferous, maple.

Curtains for the nursery should be chosen from linen or silk, or even leave the window without decor at all so that as much sunlight as possible enters the room. The carpet should be made of wool or cotton.

Pickler triangle — the first steps in the development

Triangle is one of the best solutions for the nursery. The design of the children’s ladder was developed by Emmy Pickler, an outstanding Hungarian pediatrician and teacher. She discovered a direct relationship between the physical and mental development of a child. It was vital for her to encourage the child’s natural desire to move and develop at his own pace.

The Pickler Triangle is a ladder slide for kids. It is suitable for small children (from 1 to 4 years old) due to its low height, ease of grip, small distance between the sticks, angle of inclination, and compactness. Among other vital features:

  • There is a slide that kids adore.
  • Under the triangle, you can arrange houses, a tunnel, etc.
  • In addition, the children’s ladder does not need to be fastened to the floor or wall. It is easy to carry it from room to room or fold and stow away.

The Wood and Hearts triangle is made of natural wood, coated with a water-based varnish, and protected from moisture and dirt. The Pickler Triangle is the best choice for parents who want their kids to develop in harmony with their bodies and mind.