How to Create a Love of Reading in Children         

Teaching children to read is one of the best things you can do for them. However, teaching them how to be good readers and enhancing their love of reading is even better. It is not typical; for kids to love reading, so you have to get creative.

Read Aloud

Reading a book aloud helps your kids to love books and make them hooked on them. When reading, make it exciting by varying your tone on different lines. Many children enjoy it when an adult reads a book to them, and this cultivates a reading culture in them. Make sure you read with them regularly to help them develop a love for reading.

Create a Reading Space

Create a comfortable and conducive environment for reading. Make sure that you have comfortable chairs for the children. Also, make your reading space comfortable by avoiding noise, excess heat, and other elements that can make the kids lose focus. Children are likely to read for longer if they are in a reading environment. You can create a reading area at the corner of your house and equip it for your children.

Re-read the Same Book with Your Children

Please do not throw away the book after reading it once r twice. At first, the kids will start by mastering the pictures and later will learn to turn pages. After reading the book severally to your child, they will realize that the story is the same and start mastering it. It is important to read books with rhymes to help your child with phonemics. Kids love rhyming words because, with time, they can guess which word comes next. This is essential for your children who cannot read books on their own.

Make Books Available

Provide access to books for your children. You can create your home library and make it accessible to the kids. When 6your child decides they want to read, they can access a book easily.

Visit the library regularly. Use your library reading for your kids, as well as selecting the best books for them.  Teach your children how to sit still during library time and understand why it is important to behave well when in the library. You can also allow them to select their books under your supervision to prevent them from picking unusual books for kids. They will enjoy reading a book they have chosen than the one you have chosen for them. Make library visiting fun by branching for their favorite candy or pizza place to leave them longing for the next library visit.

Have Daily Reading Time

Set up and ritualize daily reading time. You can have a reading time after lunch during the winter or some minutes after school. You can also pick a few minutes to read together. It will motivate your children to read if they see the entire family doing it at a particular time. If thy request staying up a little late to read, do not deny them.

Encourage Your Children To Visit The School Library.

The more they visit libraries, the better. Ask to see the book they are reading and discuss with them, ask if they are enjoying it. Remind them to return the book to the school library and get another one. If there is no library in the school, make sure you regularly take your child to the local library.

Cultivating a reading culture is an important part of your child’s life. Read with them and for them. However, to get your children to love teaching, you need to lead by example.